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Saturday May 27, 2000

VISITORS to Queensland can enjoy the best of both worlds in Brisbane.

As well as its urban attractions, the city also offers plenty of opportunity for visitors to enjoy a variety of activities in a natural environment.

These include Brisbane's popular South Bank Parklands, much of which can be explored with a Discovery ticket.

The ticket will take visitors to the Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary and the Butterfly and Insect House, and also includes a canal tour through the Parklands on South Ship Ferries.

Visitors to South Bank Parklands can also see Our World Environment, which includes re-creations of Mawson's Antarctic mission and the Birdsville Pub, as well as environmental displays.

Other features of the Parklands are the Nepalese Pagoda at the attractive, tropical lagoon of Kodak Beach, a popularleisure and dining precinct.

Weekend craft markets, street performances, water gardens, and picnic and barbecue areas are also part of the pleasure of a visit to Kodak Beach.

Nature lovers should also make sure they visit the wildlife parks and sanctuaries which have been established at several locations around Brisbane.

In the city's north, there is Alma Park Zoo, set in a prize-winning tropical landscaped garden.

For those who like a taste of Australiana, try the Australian Woolshed in Brisbane's west, where attractions include koalas and kangaroos as well as sheep shearing and wool spinning displays.

South Bank, as well being the location of the Butterfly and Insect House, also offer the South Bank Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary, a re-created rainforest with live birds and native animals in addition to still life displays.

Visitors who choose to discover Brisbane on foot can take advantage of the city's many walkways, such as its riverside pathways and the special mangrove walk along the City Botanic Gardens river bank.

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